The best networking in real life

Covie is a networking experience designed for attendees to have better conversations and more meaningful meetings.

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The new old way for people to connect at any event.

Covie fosters real world connections between event attendees by focusing less on the what and more on the who.

Your attendees are more than just their job role

Attendees connect through ideas, problems and questions, fostering more valuable connections.

Technology to enhance and not replace human connections

A better way to network and connect your audience at any scale.

More then an app, it's an experience

Covie connects attendees using experiences that are unique, safe and inspiring.

How it works

Inclusive pick up and play functionality that we've carefully crafted to maximise the quality and quantity of every interaction.

1. Discover

Get connected in just one tap. Post your ideas, problems or questions. Covie matches you up with the best people for maximum value.

2. Connect

Understand the conversation and chat in channel before requesting a meeting.

3. Schedule

Covie uses you and your partners schedule to offer you the best timeslots in real time.

4.  Meet

The magic happens offline. Meet onsite with the Covie team and connect in a safe, inspiring and fun environment

Why attendees love Covie

We empower attendees to connect on their terms - with each other, at ease and in real life.

Meet the right people

See who’s in the room, connect over a theme and have qualified meetings.

Have valuable conversations

Connect over the right channel and get the most out of each meeting.

Meetings are easy - and fun!

Easily book timeslots to meet onsite at a co-hosted Covie experience.

Schedules, agendas and more

Customisable agendas and event level programming all in one place.

No annoying forms or app downloads!

A beautifully designed and customisable experience accessed by a single link via email or SMS - it just feels like magic!

Why event producers like you love Covie

Enhance your customer experience, increase attendee ROI and receive powerful event insights that boost your brand and business.

Networking done right

Easy to setup and seed topics for your attendees to form meetings around.

Custom branding & integrations

Upload your logo, colours and attendee list - then go live to watch the magic happen.

Big insights, data & relationships

Measure attendee ROI, meeting themes and feedback with reporting in real time.

More than a tool, it's a movement.

Our onsite team expertly manage each meeting and discussion.

The Covie experience

Co-host with us to design your perfect networking experience. We expertly guide your attendee meetings at every event ensuring a slick, fun and stress free networking experience for every one, every time.

Why Covie?

We believe life's most valuable relationships happen off-screen. We created Covie to return the networking experience back where it’s most important - in real life.

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